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November 2014

There is a road from the eye to heart…


‘There is a road from the eye to heart that does not go through the intellect.’ ~ G . K. Chesterton

“We don’t meet people by accident…

… they are meant to cross our path for a reason.”

And sometimes things don’t happen like they were planned long-term but instead you get something better. In my case that “better” is Ian Bohen. He made my (first and most likely only) job as a personal assistant despite all difficulties a wonderful memory. Thank you so much for stomping into my life, Ian!

~ Everything happens for a reason ~




Ian Bohen for Bello Mag


Source of Inspiration


Do not imprison
those whom you love
for only by freeing them,
can your love grow.

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Source of Inspiration


The best gesture
of friendship
is your attentive presence.
How can you love someone
if you are not there?

Listen with loving acceptance,
letting nothing distract you;
you will have given
a gift most precious.

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Daily Download of Divinity

Joy Vibrations


Has it ever occurred to you that the most powerful Force in the universe never forces you? The Force of Love leaves you completely free to say, do, go, and be whatever you want.

The Force of Love always empowers. The Force of Love gives freely for the pure pleasure of giving, and with no strings attached.

The Force of Love eternally waits for only one thing; for your love to be given freely back, and with no strings attached as well.

Wouldn’t it be great to be this way with yourself, others and the world? You can be if you want to enroll in the Divine Love School of the Heart and learn the secrets the Force of Love uses to “persuade” and magnetize the love of everything to Itself.

1) Want nothing from others but to purely love and…

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People who inspire me. Today: Ian Bohen!

Don't follow your them!

About a year ago I started to collect to lyrics or quotes that mean something to me. It’s been a trip back home to my parents when I got this note-book on one of the train-stations I passed, not really knowing what to do with it. It took me quiet some time until I decided to write down things that pass me by in my every day life and that inspire me. Things I’d like to read again when I feel down or when I’m in doubt about myself or my life.

I always had problems with diary’s or whatever because I’d start them, but never continue and then forget about them entirely. But this time I wanted to make things different. I remember how I treated the book very carefully, super anxious about what to write on the first page. But after I started with some lyrics from my…

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Why We Tweet

Very true thoughts…


An open letter to twitter spouses, bosses, and family

We know you don’t understand. You don’t understand why we are addicted. You don’t understand why we write such private things in such a public forum. You don’t understand why we don’t hide our identities. And because you don’t understand, you may be prone to judging us. To thinking that what we are doing is wrong — ethically, morally, or some other -ly. By writing this letter, I hope to help you understand.

At its simplest level, you can think of twitter as a diary. I know it is not a perfect metaphor, but let’s start there. You certainly understand why people keep diaries. Expressing your thoughts and emotions in poetry and prose is cathartic. You may have kept a diary yourself at some time of your life. If you did, then you know how it helps you sort out your…

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