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December 2014

2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 310 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

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Four Kinds of Love; Eros, Agape, Phileo & Storge

Eros to Agape

The Greeks had four words to describe what we call love, Eros, (romantic love), Phileo, (enjoyment, fondness, friendship), Storge (family loyalty) and Agape (unconditional love with stick-ability). I like to think of them broadly as;

  1. Eros-A love felt particularly within the body, coloured and underpinned by deep and beautiful procreative urges. It leads to children, family, joy and laughter. It is good and right, but it is usually not enough to sustain a relationship long term. Eros is an exulted and beautifully idealistic love, usually between a man and woman, but can also be “platonic” and extend to deeply intimate friendships.  Socrates defined Eros as also working with the soul to recall knowledge of beauty, and contributes to an understanding of spiritual truth;  While Eros can simply be a hormonal earthy thing, infused and elevated to it’s true position, it speaks deeply of universal mysteries, and is usually most…

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Moon Woman – or how I ended with a tattoo in my dream

I used to dream a lot and very vivid. And no matter how weird my dreams seemed to be, they had a message or lesson for me. Then I made the mistake to buy myself a stone named Tektite ( Better said my mistake was to wear this stone around my neck whilst sleeping because I thought it would heighten my ability to dream. I ended with a total blackout, cramps and a major headache. I tried it again the next night to see if it was just a coincidence and exactly the same happened again. That was when I found out that you should not even keep this stone in the same room during nights. So the result was, that from this night I did not remember my dreams at all in the morning – I could not even tell if I did dream something. Everything was black, like if the stone had ereased my ability to dream.

Almost a year later it’s still very hard for me to remember my dreams, so it was quite a surprise to wake up and recall a dream. A very weird one, I’d like to share today.

In my dream I have been on my way to work – but actually it was not Vienna what I saw around me but most likely LA. I’ve never been to LA in my life, I can only tell from the feeling I had that I was there. And I also could feel that it was not my actual job I was heading to. But I decided that I had to get another tattoo. Right here and right now because of the strong urge I had about it. So I headed into the next tattoo parlor and the tattoo artist actually was an actor (which is tattooed a lot but also seems to be a very confused guy so I definitely never ever would let him come close with a tattoo needle to my body). However, I told him about my feeling and he said I am lucky, he’s got a free spot and can do the tattoo right away. The tattoo I needed to get was two words: MOON WOMAN. Only the outlines of the letters written in a font called “Copper Black”. It only took like two minutes to get that done and I walked outside with my new tattoo, right over my hipbone on the right side of my body.

Mission completed I walked towards ‘my’ workplace until I ran into a male co-worker. Well… I thought that’s all he is until he kissed me and I realized that this co-worker obviously is my boyfriend too. As if the tattoo guy looking like an actor wasn’t enough, also my boyfriend/co-worker looked like an actor. He asked me where I am heading and I said breakfast, so he asked why I’m not going to a place where all of us are going. I could convince him to not join the others but to head in the other direction and have breakfast – just the two of us. I told him about my new tattoo and wanted to show him so I opened my pants a bit to reveal the letters and suddenly they had turned into big bold letters, the outlines now filled in dark black. I looked down my leg and there now were four additional lines in different fonts – two and two. Two different sayings or poems tattooed in different fonts, up from my hip down to my ankle.

That’s when I woke up. I wish I could remember what the additional lines said but I can’t. I could read it in my dream but when I woke up it was gone. All I know is that the lines did not fit together at all and the tattoo just looked awful.

Welcome to my weird brain… 😉

I still love the people I’ve loved…


“So we’re clear, it’s okay to still have love for people you no longer want to see or talk to. It’s okay to have love for someone who no longer serves a purpose in your life…to love them for bringing you to a place and leaving you there for someone to take you further.
Sometimes we feel like we need to hate the person that caused us pain, or left us so we’re able to move on with our lives. I know it’s not easy, but eventually we want to work ourselves to a place of gratitude…it can sound wildly ludicrous to even think about saying “thank you” from afar, but it’s exactly what I want to encourage.
The people we have loved in our lives have made love deposits into our world. Whether it’s someone who has entered for a few weeks, a few months, or years, they have led us a bit closer to our greatest self. Remember, through all our experiences (even the painful ones) we are getting closer and closer to our most authentic selves. People step into our lives to challenge and call us to a new space. Sometimes that person is the person with whom we’ll spend the rest of our lives, and sometimes it’s a person who will shake your system so hard that it confuses what love actually is. In due time, you will see that each deposit is exactly what you’ve needed, and in due time you’ll be able to quietly say “thank you” from across the street. #mindfulmft”


The Celestine Prophecy

The Celestine Prophecy is one of my favorite books ever. It opened my eyes and thought me a lot about synchronities and how our behaviour is affecting others without us being aware of it. If you are interested in spirituality and did not read this book yet, I highly suggest to do so.

“I will love the light for it shows me the way; yet I will love the darkness for it shows me the stars.” ~ Og Mandino

Probably the only thing I really like about Winter are all the lights. But I always also loved darkness and its silence, so here are a few impressions of my hometown Vienna at night…






Get Free

The Truth You Always Knew

You can’t get free by holding onto ideas.



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