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October 2015

We fight to hold on and we fight to let go

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Have you ever noticed that when a friendship splits, a love ends or a connection of any kind breaks, the “moving on” process becomes easier for us if we are angry?

It’s as if we can find anything to get mad about. Suddenly any word they say, their mere presence in a room, their name being brought into conversation, or even a selfie being posted on social media can take us from zero to pissed in a matter of moments.

Anger is easy. Hating is easy. It means we don’t have to fully own how it is we really actually feel deep down inside. Hurt. Abandoned. Ego bruised. Or maybe we’re just mad at ourselves for still holding love for them. This way of being allows us to stay in a mentality where it’s all them and not us. How could we still have love for someone that broke our hearts?

But that’s the thing though. By us choosing to not love, we are actually doing an even greater disservice to ourselves. Hate is too heavy a burden to carry around. It isn’t fertile ground for acceptance or change, it isn’t a space that fosters growth or evolution.

By us choosing to love people, choosing to love them through the process, through our letting go, is one of the strongest things we can ever do.

Love is light, it flows freely. It creates opportunity for you to move forward without any attachment or baggage. It allows you to celebrate who people were for you, and who they still are for you, because at one moment in time you both were exactly what you needed. They helped shape us into who we are today- and what is there to hate about that?

No matter what people say or do or how badly they may hurt us, it is never too late to forgive and show love for people, even if that means loving from a distance and even if that means no longer having them as part of your life. Love is the gamechanger, it is the driving force that keeps the world together, allow it to lead you in everything that you do.

The Things You Can’t Change: Redefining Differences & Challenges

This speaks from the bottom of my heart. Living myself with (at the moment) 3 autoimmune diseases for years (not to say decades), that’s exactly how I try to live my life. Concentrating on the diseases, the medication and the pain or the adverse effects won’t change anything about it but would restrict my life or affect it to the negative. So I’m trying to make the best out of every day! Like Madison said: What does not kill you, makes you stronger!

Madison MacGregor

          SWEET 16: Redefining a Generation

The Things You Can’t Change: Redefining Differences & Challenges

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a health condition that is in cure-able? As hard as it may be at the time, colds and flus come and go (thankfully), but there are many things in life- let alone health conditions that can never go away or change.

There are some things we just simply cannot change- from our genetics, to losing loved ones, to the country we were born in, the family we were born into, and for me it’s a health condition called Cystic Fibrosis (CF).

Cystic Fibrosis is a condition that affects the lungs and the digestive system. This means that my lungs build up infections more easily, and I therefore need to treat it with pysio therapy twice a day to prevent access build up…

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