Colton Haynes gets honest about life after Arrow

Not that it actually would surprise me, cause Colton is way too pretty (said with nothing but love) to be straight, and though I am what is called “straight”, as an Empath I totally can relate to how it feels to act and to wear a mask.

Act like you’re okay, though you’re not. Act like you’re happy, though you feel like shit. Act like you’re outgoing, though you are not – to the point where people that know you are totally surprised when you actually say the words “I am shy”.

Act to the point where you don’t even notice that you are acting anymore. Until it suddenly hits you like a plank right in your face and you think “Oh damn.” and you feel even more like shit because you notice that who you are right now, is not YOU.

On the gay-note: It’s sad that nowadays it’s obviously still kind of necessary to “come out” at one point of your life. As if it was anyones business other than yours, whether you love men or women, whether you’re actually born into the right body and gender or not. Everyone should be able to live as he wants and as it makes him happy, without feeling the need to explain himself to anybody. As long as no one gets hurt of course. And I am not talking about “disappointed” and “hurt” so-called parents or whatever. Which is a whole other topic I will never ever be able to understand as a mom.

The only thing that makes me happy about famous people “coming out” is that it shows others, young people who look up to them and still try to find their place in life, that they are not alone. That there are others who have the same “problems”. And that it might help them to just be who they are and don’t feel the need to hide or act.

So kudos to Colton for taking that step. May he be happy and able to live a life full of happiness and love now that the discussion about his sexuality hopefully will come to an end.

Having said that: Live and let live.