Well… welcome to my world…

Who am I? My name is Conny and on a quick note I am a Lover, Thinker, Believer, Wife, Mom, Pineapple Addict, Conspiracy Theorist, Sarcasm Terrorist, Empath, Bookworm.

Thanks to my bookworm-mom I grew up with loads of books and I always loved them. Since my teenage years I have been interested in supernatural stuff – until I became an adult and tried to fit in – telling myself that some things just are not possible and that there is a rational explanation for everything. But to be honest, I still never did fit in. I tried to suppress the idea of that there might be a reason why I feel different. Why there are lights flashing in my head (doctors can’t find a reason for) and I am zoning out. Why I don’t have a problem with spending time alone without feeling lonely. Why there are a lot of Deja Vu’s, vivid dreams and other weird things going on in my life. And now that I am what society calls an adult (not saying I actually behave like one) a wife for many years and also a mom, I still don’t fit in. And I finally realized that this is okay. Actually it is great.

Thanks to a very inspirational and smart man with a huge heart and also very talented actor named Matt Davis (@ErnestoRiley on Twitter), which I met in 2012 in person, I found back to things I believed in many years ago, buried deep in my mind, heart and soul. He lead me back down the rabbit hole of the Supernatural, Spirituality, Religion and Thinking. He made me question the so-called “Truth”. He lead me to soak in information like a sponge, to practically eat books and to discover abilities I never would have believed I am capable to over the last months. And I know that I still have a long way to go. But I already love the path I am traveling on so much.

So: This is my world and this is just me. Weird, funny, sad, confused, crazy and sometimes just not entirely myself… You get what you see. Love it or leave it.

~ Everything happens for a reason ~