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Soul Connection – Help needed

According to my last post, I want to ask all of you to please suggest me some quality reading material on that topic (links, books, etc). I would really appreciate that!

Everything I stumble over when I google connection and twin flame etc is talking about romantic/sexual relationships which bothers me cause this is not what my connection is like. In my case (I’m happily married to my husband) it’s someone I would like to call a friend and who means so much to me.

Thank you! 💕

Soul Connection

There is me, having that connection with a guy who spiritually is pretty closed and yes, it drives me nuts. And now I just found this link Soul connections (often refered to as Twin Soul, Karmic Connection, Soulmate)

“Both people will respond, usually instantly knowing there’s something special but how much they are affected at the time and how much they realize whats going on depends upon their level of spiritual openness at the time. We’re all familiar with the situation where its fine for a time then one person just seems to freak out and head for the hills because its all so strong and they don’t feel in control of it. A classic case where the closer they get to it the more there’s still there and they fear the lack of control they would have in the interaction.”

“…Also if they are still spiritually closed they aren’t yet feeling the full force of the connection so the truth may be that yes they feel it but that they haven’t opened enough yet to let it consume them and they’re fighting it.”

“Have faith that spiritual openness is the order of the day, its often why there’s a connection, to make the spiritually closed people walk the path of total openness. And when they get there, then the connection will control them as much as it controls you.”

As I was reading this, I was thinking this is SO him. But it gave me hope that one day he will open up (more). I feel like he already had opened up a bit when I met him the last time but the way things are right now between us, we are at a point where he prefers to kinda fight me by ignoring me. Probably because he cannot tell what is going on and why I just know some things (I should not know) and he’s afraid.


Soul Age

I just stumbled over this quick, but interesting test: How Old Is Your Soul Test

It turns out, I am a mature soul. And honestly as I read the short discription, I wasn’t even surprised:

“Like adults creating families, Mature Souls seek to create interpersonal harmony between themselves and others. Unlike Young Souls, Mature Souls are rarely ambitious or motivated by wealth and status, but instead they are driven by sensitivity and the desire to live an authentic life. If you’re a Mature Soul, you are a self-aware, empathetic and highly diplomatic person.”

Of course I had to dig deeper into that and found this: 11 Signs You’re A Mature Soul

And basically everything mentioned is SO like me, it’s almost scary!



Acting… in one way or another

Colton Haynes gets honest about life after Arrow

Not that it actually would surprise me, cause Colton is way too pretty (said with nothing but love) to be straight, and though I am what is called “straight”, as an Empath I totally can relate to how it feels to act and to wear a mask.

Act like you’re okay, though you’re not. Act like you’re happy, though you feel like shit. Act like you’re outgoing, though you are not – to the point where people that know you are totally surprised when you actually say the words “I am shy”.

Act to the point where you don’t even notice that you are acting anymore. Until it suddenly hits you like a plank right in your face and you think “Oh damn.” and you feel even more like shit because you notice that who you are right now, is not YOU.

On the gay-note: It’s sad that nowadays it’s obviously still kind of necessary to “come out” at one point of your life. As if it was anyones business other than yours, whether you love men or women, whether you’re actually born into the right body and gender or not. Everyone should be able to live as he wants and as it makes him happy, without feeling the need to explain himself to anybody. As long as no one gets hurt of course. And I am not talking about “disappointed” and “hurt” so-called parents or whatever. Which is a whole other topic I will never ever be able to understand as a mom.

The only thing that makes me happy about famous people “coming out” is that it shows others, young people who look up to them and still try to find their place in life, that they are not alone. That there are others who have the same “problems”. And that it might help them to just be who they are and don’t feel the need to hide or act.

So kudos to Colton for taking that step. May he be happy and able to live a life full of happiness and love now that the discussion about his sexuality hopefully will come to an end.

Having said that: Live and let live.

We fight to hold on and we fight to let go

Original post by @mindfulmft and @iamhertribe on Instagram

Have you ever noticed that when a friendship splits, a love ends or a connection of any kind breaks, the “moving on” process becomes easier for us if we are angry?

It’s as if we can find anything to get mad about. Suddenly any word they say, their mere presence in a room, their name being brought into conversation, or even a selfie being posted on social media can take us from zero to pissed in a matter of moments.

Anger is easy. Hating is easy. It means we don’t have to fully own how it is we really actually feel deep down inside. Hurt. Abandoned. Ego bruised. Or maybe we’re just mad at ourselves for still holding love for them. This way of being allows us to stay in a mentality where it’s all them and not us. How could we still have love for someone that broke our hearts?

But that’s the thing though. By us choosing to not love, we are actually doing an even greater disservice to ourselves. Hate is too heavy a burden to carry around. It isn’t fertile ground for acceptance or change, it isn’t a space that fosters growth or evolution.

By us choosing to love people, choosing to love them through the process, through our letting go, is one of the strongest things we can ever do.

Love is light, it flows freely. It creates opportunity for you to move forward without any attachment or baggage. It allows you to celebrate who people were for you, and who they still are for you, because at one moment in time you both were exactly what you needed. They helped shape us into who we are today- and what is there to hate about that?

No matter what people say or do or how badly they may hurt us, it is never too late to forgive and show love for people, even if that means loving from a distance and even if that means no longer having them as part of your life. Love is the gamechanger, it is the driving force that keeps the world together, allow it to lead you in everything that you do.

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